Wellness Vacation Amongst The Stunning Red Rocks of Red Mountain Resort

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Thinking about taking a wellness vacation? As a wellness travel specialist, I don’t hesitate to recommend Red Mountain Resort in southern Utah for a myriad of wellness reasons. However, all wellness travel set aside, the spectacular red rock scenery ALONE encircling the resort, is more than worth the price of admission.

Speaking of admission, Red Mountain Resort is a terrific value. The inclusive packages offers 3 daily meals, complimentary guided hikes, a full schedule of fitness classes that includes (naming just a few) yoga within the red rocks, Tabata, strength training, water aerobics, and paddleboard yoga. Plus, you may partake in Eat Well, Feel Well cooking demonstrations, healthy life classes such as beginning meditation, and so much more. Packages can start at $200 per day per person depending on the season and package type which is a fantastic value!

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Accommodations are either deluxe rooms or lovely villas with a separate sleeping and living area with a kitchen. My roomy and very comfortable villa was nestled around an infinity pool with those magnificent red rock views.  Many of the cozy deluxe rooms also feature spectacular red rock vistas. After a morning of hiking, a yummy lunch and an afternoon with a few fitness classes, I found myself blissfully napping by an infinity pool. Utterly content.

wellness vacation, jeri Donovan, fitness vacation, red mountain resort

Outstanding meals are at served at the Canyon Breeze Restaurant. My sincere compliments to the chef! Their inclusive package offers both breakfast and lunch buffets plus entrée selections for dinner. My absolute favorite meal, (one that I can still clearly imagine ) was the tequila lime shrimp, which I topped off with probably THE best lava cake I ever had the pleasure to munch. Excellent ooze, (if you’re a lava cake lover, you know what I mean).

red mountain resort, jeri Donovan, wellness vacation, wellness travel

If weight loss and having a fitness vacation are your goals, then Red Mountain Resort is well equipped to assist and devise a program especially for you. You may schedule a nutritional analysis and consultation, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and cardiovascular metabolic analyses.

wellness vacation, jeri Donovan, well traveled, red mountain resort

Personally, I can’t visit a wellness resort without receiving a spa treatment. Mmmmm! I so loved the peaceful and inviting feeling of sanctuary found at Sagestone Spa & Salon. Here, you may experience a sacred space offering a unique mélange of treatments, with a full spectrum of sensory pleasures, as stimulating and healing as the red rock cliffs and canyons that surround you.

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As a solo traveler, I chummed up with other solo travelers and a few couples. Most had been at Red Mountain many times before. One couple from Washington was on their 7th visit, another solo traveler from New York was on her 15th trip. These are recommendations worth noting.

wellness travel, well traveled, red mountain resort, jeri donovan

Everyone I chatted with loved the complimentary morning hikes. Red Mountain wisely offers three levels of hiking to the very nearby Snow Canyon State Park. I tested the beginning Explorer hike and the intermediate Challenger hike. Fabulous hiking! I skipped the Endurance hike since it was described as having jog-like pace over rugged terrain. No thank you!

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There are also ample opportunities for additional excursions (for an extra cost). If this area is new to you, I would take advantage of Red Mountain’s expertize and head out to Zion or Bryce National Park for some additional outdoor adventure. Mountain biking, kayaking and general exploring excursions can all be customized to suit your soul. Canyoneering, anyone?

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I love and recommend this place! It is most definitely a wonderful spot for first time and experienced solo travelers, ideal for couples, and definitely a hit for gal pal getaways! The staff will go out of their way to welcome and accommodate you!

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