Rancho la Puerta, a Fitness and Wellness Vacation

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Rancho La Puerta should really be considered the god/grandmother of North American fitness and wellness vacation resorts as it first opened some plus 70 years ago. One of the original owners, Deborah Szekely is over 91 years old and practices Pilates 5 times a week. I heard Deborah give her weekly presentation and she was more than inspirational! During my fitness and wellness vacation, I met folks who had been coming to the Ranch for over 30 years. I met trios of grandmothers, mothers and daughters, gal pals, a few couples, and both male and female solo travelers. Located in Tecate, Mexico, it is an easy jaunt from the San Diego airport where a transfer is provided that zips you across the border with ease.
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The Ranch is spread over acres upon acres of beautifully natural-appearing landscape. The 80 plus spacious casitas feature classic Mexican folk art, open beams, tile and handmade furniture. Sizes range from solo studio rancheras to two bedroom villas. Many are over 1,000 sq feet. Most have magnificent private patios that overlook the neighboring mountains. I was so tickled with my casita and its quiet, private beauty, I posted a video of it on Facebook.
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Wellness offerings… you may start your day bright and early with hikes to the 3,885-foot Mount Kuchumaa. There is also a breakfast hike that leads to the Ranch’s huge organic garden adjacent to their amazing cooking school. The cooking school features top notch chefs on a weekly basis. The Ranch’s fitness classes (several options at every hour, all day long) are plentiful from TRX, tennis, circuit training, hydra fit, Pilates, yoga in different forms, plus much more. The fitness teachers are excellent! The Ranch also features what is termed as “mindfulness” classes/experiences. I partook in the crystal sound hearing which was very relaxing and somewhat surreal. I also attended several lectures; one was on cranial sacral healing and the other focused on becoming the “pilot” of your own life. Art classes are also available as are birding and photographing excursions. I never found the time to just relax by one the four pools as I was happily running from one wonderful activity to another.
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In the evenings, expect guest speakers, performers, and movies. Meals are both buffet and al la carte. Mostly vegetarian and seafood is served in the evenings. It was delicious and combined herbs and seasoning in an enticing and delectable fashion.  Wine is served in the wine bar area. I heard that some guests smuggle in their own booze. Wi-Fi is sketchy in your casitas but they do have a designated lounge area for Wi-Fi so be prepared for a little digital detox. No TV, not that I missed it all. The Ranch has 3 health and beauty treatment centers. Facials, massage, wraps, healing therapy, make-up lessons reflect some of their offerings.

Rancho La Puerta provide a true wellness and fitness vacation and I highly recommend it for those who want/need a quiet, thoughtful retreat with healthy food, excellent fitness classes, engaging well-being activities with interesting like-minded individuals. If you are desiring a wellness vacation, give us a call and we will give you a spa credit for booking with Well Traveled.


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