Our Wellness Story

Jeri Donovan, wellness travel specialist, wellness travel agencyJeri Donovan is the founder of Well Traveled. Her wellness story began in her college days, when living well became a conscious daily decision. Since then she has continued to be an advocate for an active and healthy lifestyle. Jeri conquered the grueling Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, run many times San Francisco’s infamous Bay to Breakers and even completed a hilly arduous century bike ride.

In 2011, Jeri was diagnosed with a brain tumor (mere months after completing a century bike ride). Long story short; most of the brain tumor was safely removed. Her recovery, however propelled her forward into making some lifestyle adjustments, both personally and professionally.

It was time to put down her mountain bike, running shoes and heavy weights. Jeri began to embrace different activities that suited her new life. Yoga was at the top of the list. Jeri knew this was an activity that her body could practice now and for many years to come. Long walks and hikes replaced running. And, in lieu of mountain biking, more miles covered by her road bike continued to create a Zen sort of experience; engaging both her mind and body.

While changing her fitness components, it became clear that it was also time to leave the teaching profession. Having long hindered a secret desire to work in the travel industry, Jeri jumped in with both feet. It was a perfect fit; given her Bachelor of Arts in Geography and her years of personal travel. Living with a brain tumor, Jeri felt compelled to focus wellness travel and wanted to weave components of wellness into her clients’ vacations. It suited her soul and combined her insatiable passion for travel with her personal commitment to well-being. Well Traveled, Journeys for the Mind, Body and Soul was born.

Jeri’s inspiration for wellness can be found within her family. Her mother, at 80 years old ice skates, practices both yoga and Tai Chi and lifts weights weekly. Her father at age 83 is still an avid golfer. How’s that for inspiration?



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