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Adventure Cruising With Un-Cruise Adventures

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Adventure Cruising With Un-Cruise Adventures

  Ever since I first heard about Un-Cruise Adventures, (one of my esteemed Virtuoso suppliers) I knew it was something that I had to experience. It became front and center on my bucket list for active adventure cruising.  As a wellness travel advisor and because I am a bona fide travel info junky, I immediately enrolled in the coursework to become an Un-Cruise Adventures Certified Adventurist. My sense of intrigue and desire deepened as I delved into learning about this style of adventure cruising that ventured along the shores of Alaska, the coasts of Costa Rica and Panama, around the Hawaiian islands and the Galapagos, as well as down the Columbian and Snake Rivers. I, however was most intrigued by a relatively unknown body of water that Jacque Cousteau had referred to as “the world’s aquarium” and the “Galapagos of North America”, the magnificent Sea of Cortes. So intrigued,  I flew solo to Cabo San Lucas and skipped aboard my home for the next 7 days,  the 84 passenger...

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